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Fast, powerful accounting software for your business

Join these companies using WeKeep to stay on top of their accounting

WeKeep is such a central tool for my business, but also so seamless. It keeps me on top of what I need to do, and is constantly evolving to my needs. I actually feel like they have my businesses best interests at heart. What other financial tool or service can you say that for?
Hisham Lahouasnia
Founder of Freedom

Work faster with spreadsheets.

WeKeep is an accounting software built with spreadsheets.
Make bulk changes easily. Copy and paste just like in Excel.

Invite your employees to submit expense claims.

Say goodbye to messy integrations and additional subscriptions to third-party software.
Invite your employees to submit expense claims straight in WeKeep for managers to approve.

Generate payroll in a click.

Automatically generate payslips including any employee expense reimbursements that are outstanding.
Edit payslip data on the fly to make ad-hoc adjustements before posting to the ledger.

Create sub-accounts for cleaner reporting

Create multi-level subaccounts to organize your reports.

Track your sales, expenses and cash flow

Start running your business like a professional.

With WeKeep reports you get an instant summary of your business.

Stay on top of unpaid invoices

Keep track of overdue invoices and easily send email reminders.

Send payment receipts to your customers

Deliver great customer service by sending professional-looking payment receipts.

What others are saying about WeKeep

4.9 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 98 reviews
Super easy to use
As someone who hates accounting software, I found WeKeep very easy to use.
— Michelle A.
No accounting jargon, love it
I run a marketing agency and WeKeep has been ideal for a company our size.
— Laura B.
Very intuitive tool
I tried Quickbooks but it was too complex. WeKeep is much more straightforward. Kudos!
— Zarina S.
I ditched spreadsheets for WeKeep
I can easily track overdue invoices and record payments with WeKeep. No more messy spreadsheets :)
— Lauren W.
Amazing support
Love, love, love the support level from these guys. The biggest plus of signing up for me.
— Mary M.
Easy to use
I like how easy to use the software is.
— Paul S.
I recommend WeKeep
The experience has been great, dashboards are super helpful and easy to read.
— Patrick D.
Very intuitive tool
I tried Quickbooks but was way overwhelmed by its complexity. WeKeep is much more straightforward and am so far very happy with it.
— Wanda F.
Ideal tool for us
We are a 10-person animation studio and Wekeep has been perfect for us.
— Christina M.

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