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Stop worrying about your accounting.

We take over your Quickbooks, Xero or Zoho Books account and do your accounting for you every month.

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Get a dedicated accountant

Bookkeeping is at the bottom of your priority list, we know that. Your dedicated WeKeep accountant will take care of everything and will ensure your books are accurate, tax-compliant and audit-proof, so you can focus on your business.


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WeKeep is built on top of world-class accounting software

We take over your Zoho Books, Quickbooks or Xero account, or we set one up for you from scratch.

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Jay from WeKeep
Mohamed M.
Thursday, March 7th
Jay from WeKeep 
Hey Mohamed, here's a glimpse of your latest P&L, you can also view the full report here
Cash balance
11:29 am
Mohamed M.
Great, thanks!
11:30 am

We'll send you the most important monthly reports

Your accountant will set up key reports for you and will summarize your financials in a format for the busy you.

  • P&L summary
  • Balance sheet
  • Aged receivables
  • Cashflow statement
  • and more

Need a deeper dive? Log into your accounting software at any time. We support Xero, Zoho and Quickbooks.

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A single inbox for all your documents

Forward invoices, expenses and bank statements to your dedicated WeKeep inbox and let your accountant take care of the rest.
Your documents are stored securely in your WeKeep account and linked to their corresponding records in your accounting software.

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Reaching your accountant has never been easier

Got an accounting-related question? Drop your accountant a message through the WeKeep chat platform to get a quick answer, or simply give them a call if you prefer.

Jay from WeKeep
Mohamed M.
Thursday, March 7th
Mohamed M.
Hey Jay, should I charge VAT for my customer in Saudi Arabia?
11:30 am
Jay from WeKeep 
It depends on what you're selling, I'll give you a call to discuss this.
11:29 am

Get your VAT filing straight

Your accountant will ensure all records are VAT-compliant and audit-proof. Then, for each tax period, they will file the VAT return for you. No hassle for you and more time to focus on your business.

WeKeep does my books, files the VAT return for me and simply makes me forget about accounting altogether. This allows me to focus entirely on my business.
Christian Eid
Founder & Managing Director, The Duck Way FZ LLC

Affordable and transparent pricing

We've developed proprietary accounting automation tailored for small businesses.
This means more savings are passed on to you with competitive pricing.

All plans include a accountant dedicated to your business.
Less than 50 transactions / month
AED 849 / month
if billed annually
AED 999 / mo if billed monthly
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Less than 100 transactions / month
AED 1549 / month
if billed annually
AED 1949 / mo if billed monthly
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Less than 250 transactions / month
AED 2949 / month
if billed annually
AED 3549 / mo if billed monthly
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More than 250 transactions / month
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Frequently Asked Questions

To estimate your number of monthly transactions, add up the following:

  • Number of employees +
  • Number of invoices issued +
  • Number of invoice payments received +
  • Number of bills received +
  • Number of bill payments made +
  • Number of expenses

Your billing tier will be determined based on the average number of transactions you do in a rolling 3-month window.

If you accept payments online, each settlement to your bank account from your payment gateway counts as only one transaction. Individual transactions are not counted.

Once your account is set up, your accountant will handle everything for you. We will only need your input if a transaction is not clear, and you will be notified through the WeKeep platform.

We are experts in Xero, Quickbooks and Zoho Books, all of which are global and reputed accounting software. You will be able to log into your account at any time if you want a deep dive into your books.

Yes! During the onboarding phase, your accountant will help you transfer your records into one of the bookkeeping softwares we work with.

If most of your invoices and bills are sent and received through email or a 3rd-party software, WeKeep would be ideal for you!

If your main invoices and receipts format is paper, unfortunately WeKeep will not be suited for you.

Yes. As long as you deal with paper invoices or bills on rare occasions then no issue, in fact most of our customers do. However if most of your invoices and bills are in paper format unfortunately WeKeep will not be suitable for you.

They will be prepared monthly within 7 working days of the end of the previous month.